Extrutec becomes the world’s first supplier of an electrically heated high speed convection furnace (EHKO) for the heating of aluminium logs

extrutec recognized the potential and the need for high efficiency purely electric heating systems early on. For this reason, the development project EHKO (electrically heated high speed convection furnace) was launched. This type of furnace achieves efficiencies of 87% with purely electric-based heating. This is an unprecedented efficiency in the aluminium extrusion industry.

Due to this technical expertise, the world's first customers have now contracted extrutec for such a heating system. The scope of supply also includes a new hot log saw with optimized end- piece control. The remaining existing equipment will be re-used completely.

Unlike other electrical stand-alone solutions, this new furnace type can be integrated into an existing  process without additional handling and can therefore replace an existing furnace one-to-one.

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