First orders for new heating concept:
extrutec becomes the world's first supplier of an electrically heated high speed convection furnace (EHKO) for the heating of aluminium logs

extrutec recognized the potential and the need for high efficiency purely electric heating systems early on. For this reason, the development project EHKO (electrically heated high speed convection furnace) was launched. This type of furnace achieves efficiencies of 87% with purely electric-based heating. This is an unprecedented efficiency in the aluminium extrusion industry.

Due to this technical expertise, the world's first customers have now contracted extrutec for such a heating system. The scope of supply also includes a new hot log saw with optimized end- piece control. The remaining existing equipment will be re-used completely.

Unlike other electrical stand-alone solutions, this new furnace type can be integrated into an existing  process without additional handling and can therefore replace an existing furnace one-to-one.

Existing extrutec standards are used to implement this new type furnace. The template for each EHKO furnace zone is the preheating section of the extrutec gas furnaces, which extrutec has been using for many years. Based on the extensive experience with this system some minor improvements were incorporated to optimize the flow dynamics. The electrical heating elements are derived from similar elements used in previously supplied ageing or die ovens.

Green - the new heat for extrusion: Focusing on green technologies.

ever since the company was founded, extrutec has focused on the continuous improvementand further development of itsequipment. Improving consumption in particular is an essential part of the technology development. Under themotto: "Green - the new heat for extrusion", technologies are bundled that enable heating solely with electricity and thus without fossil fuels. The goal of the development efforts is to make existing technologies more energy-efficient and to develop new equipment types and combinations.

The extrutec subsidiary, TCT Induction Technology, and its new location in Menden play  a pivotal role for new furnace concepts

By establishing the business unit Electrical Furnaces and Induction Technology in 2019 and founding  the extrutec subsidiary TCT Induktionstechnik in early 2021, the course was set for a stronger focus on electrically operated heating systems. Both business units work closely together. While extrutec is responsible for the development and implementation of the heating systems, TCT Induktionstechnik is responsible for manufacturing key components such as induction coils. Close integration of development, manufacturing and commissioning is particularly important in this context and guarantees  the highest quality.


EHKO test furnace in operation in the new plant in Menden in November 2023

Due to the positive business development and the resulting need to expand the site, TCT Induktionstechnik GmbH will move into its newly built manufacturing and administration building starting in September. The new location in Menden will  accomodate the entire TCT team as well as some extrutec employees.

The new plant will also serve for testing the new EHKO furnace.  A test furnace, consisting of a 2.5 meter zone for 12 inch logs, with a power of 280 kW will be put into operation. Various production scenarios will be tested. This testing will ensure the successful introduction of this new technology to our customers. The test furnace will also be available for presentation to interested customers.

Purso becomes first customer to buy newly developed EHKO-heating furnace

The extrutec long term customer Purso oy from Siuro Finland is widely known for their aluminum profile production of sustainable solutions for a wide range of uses from industrial applications and building facades to lighting. The company pursues an ambitious goal to reduce their CO2 emissions with every new investment.

extrutec will deliver the new EHKO heater with hot log saw as a replacement for an old gas fired furnace. The installation will start at the beginning of 2025. Purso is the first customer worldwide to buy such a heating system.


Mäkelä becomes the first Inline-EHKO customer

The production line modernization of Mäkelä Alu in Finland will reduce its co2 emission by 960 tons. This is made possible by the complete electrification of the heating process. The so called electrically heated high speed convection furnace (EHKO), developed by extrutec, combines the highest possible energy efficiency with a pure electrical heating source. Special about the EHKO für Mäkele is the patented Inline-Version. This combines the resistant heated base heating with a directly connected induction oven. This saves additional energy and is extremely space saving, in that way that old gas/LPG furnaces can be replaced without major modifications of the equipment setup.The officiel report can be found here.

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