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With our experienced team, we ensure that customer wishes are realised quickly, reliably and competently. We offer a wide range of service and maintenance work around extrutec systems. Depending on the customer’s requirements, our services are offered as on-site service at the customer’s premises or as workshop service in our modern equipped facilities.

Troubleshooting & Spare Parts

For your extrutec system we offer you the complete spare parts service in original equipment manufacturer quality with warranty at fair prices. Our experienced team will be happy to advise and support you with regard to recommended spare parts stocking, installation instructions, possibly required drawing material, delivery times up to spare parts training at the customer’s site. A selection of particularly critical spare parts, some of which have long delivery times, is available for our customers in our warehouse. On request, we are also happy to offer you the replacement of required parts by our experienced service personnel.

Spare Parts Range

  • New production of all required individual parts from the production
  • Delivery service of original purchased components
  • Storage of particularly critical spare parts
  • Exchange and installation of spare parts on site
  • Spare parts recommendations and installation training

Repair & Maintenance

We service your plants, repair them if damaged or suffering total failure, modernise or retrofit them, and support you at short notice if you are experiencing a plant shutdown. We offer professional advice for any work.


Service Range for Gas Heater Systems

  • Online support and troubleshooting in case of unexpected system downtime
  • Remote maintenance with camera support
  • On-site stocktaking and error analysis
  • Development of detailed optimisation proposals
  • Gas technical inspection and adjustment of the heating
  • Reduction of consumption
  • Minimisation of emissions
  • Emission measurements and documentation
  • Repair of complete gas heater systems

Service Range for Induction Heater Systems

  • Repair of complete induction plants and induction coils
  • Mounting and commissioning
  • Performance optimisations and modernisations
  • New production and delivery of individual components
  • EMC measurements
  • Inverter service

Service partner TCT Induktionstechnik

With the acquisition of its subsidiary TCT Induktionstechnik GmbH at the turn of 2020/21, extrutec has also significantly expanded its own service offering. With its own production facilities and expanded storage options, it is possible to act much faster and in a higher flexible way.

The product portfolio, which can be offered in close cooperation with TCT Induktionstechnik, includes the following services:

  • Repair and remanufacture of complete crucible induction furnaces of all well-known brands
  • Repair and remanufacture of inductors for channel-type furnaces of all well-known brands
  • New manufacture of induction coils of all types
  • New production of complete heating inductors for forming processes
  • Repair and modification of induction heating equipment
  • Production of water-cooled protective cylinders for channel inductors
  • Production of hollow troughs and tamping models made of copper or steel, as well as solid formed troughs
  • Supply of spare parts such as power cables, magnet yokes, yoke insulation, cooling water hoses, insulating parts, conductor rails, as well as various concrete segments according to customer requirements
  • New production of individual components such as chokes and transformers in air- and water-cooled design
  • Preventive maintenance work
  • Modernization and retrofitting of existing induction plants
  • Performance optimization
  • Installation and removal of furnace inserts and furnace systems at the factory
  • Free storage and logistics of induction furnaces and coils
  • On-site consulting, measured value recording and testing service
  • On-site training courses together with our partners

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Training & Support
Contact Us to Schedule Your Training

The working world is subject to a constant process of change due to growing customer demands and more complex tasks. Among other things, this change entails the use of new technologies and new ways of working. That is why a continuous learning and further training process has become an important part of everyday working life. We support you with service and maintenance training as well as advice on process optimisation directly at your site on your extrutec systems or, if required, at our premises. Contact Us to Schedule Your Training.

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