Rooted in the industry
Competent from experience

Starting out as a product provider for the aluminium extrusion industry, extrutec GmbH continually develops its core competences of “heating”, “heat treatment”, and targeted “cooling” to become a holistic solution provider for various branches of industry or different metals.

Innovative solutions & expansion

From its very first days, extrutec GmbH has focused on going beyond improving what already exists and into developing new ideas in all areas and finding solutions for challenging customer requirements.

A continuous expansion of the company, which is documented at the beginning of 2021 with the move into a highly attractive new office building in Moos at the Lake Constance , as well as 2023 with the move of the subsidiary TCT Induktionstechnik also into a new constructed office and production building, continues now for more than one and a half decades..

Continuity as a guarantor of success

extrutec GmbH is characterised by continuous development of any established business relationships, both with customers and with external partners. This basic attitude is reflected not least in an extremely low personnel turnover.



Corporate philosophy

extrutec’s highest priority is maintaining proximity to its customers and being familiar with their specific production processes and end products. This is a mandatory prerequisite for finding just the right solutions for the respective customer requirements at hand, before converting them into plant-specific concepts.

We at extrutec place the greatest importance on not only looking at things in theory during the development process, but also ensuring that they are always considering the practical aspects. As a result, we perform regular test series, in particular for new developments, in order to substantiate theoretical calculations with empirical data and to apply any necessary corrections.

This procedure ensures that all new designs are delivered without any need for major improvements and that contractually guaranteed values are always met.

In the end, all of this can only be achieved by showing the greatest appreciation not only for our extrutec customers, but also for our highly qualified suppliers and, in particular, our highly motivated and employees with their vast treasure of experience.

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