Hybrid Systems

The process-related requirements to temperature control when heating metals for forming processes have increased steadily in the last few years. An ever-increasing range of input materials and batch sizes ultimately leads to a need for considerably greater flexibility in heating concepts. The combination of gas and induction-heated heater systems performs this task with great efficiency.

In-line Heater

extrutec has marketed the in-line heater, patented around the world, for many years. It combines a gas and induction heater arranged in line with each other. This combination has various advantages as compared to stand-alone solutions.

Special features:
  • Small footprint
  • Significantly higher efficiency due to omission of the field extender
  • Low investment costs due to simplified transport logistics

Gas Oven with Standalone Indoction Heater

Special features:
  • Entirely self-sufficient heater concepts
  • Redundancy
  • Rapid alloy changes
  • Heating of special alloys exclusively in the induction heater
  • Reliable process control in required metallurgical processes, e.g. when the heating temperature is very close to the liquidus point

Both concepts have features that have been essential in the purchasing decisions of many of our premium customers in the last few years. Cost-effective basic heating with of gas and subsequent application of a precise taper or exact temperature adjustment by induction is the best heating concept currently available for most applications. These properties in the heating concept are particularly important in areas such as automotive engineering, where demands on the end product are high. This hybrid heating concept is established as the technological standard in the aluminium industry.

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