Ageing Ovens

Our latest development is a floor-mounted oven that is loaded laterally by a shuttle. This extremely space-efficient oven can be installed in halls where all other concepts fail due to low ceilings or where unnecessary investments in high buildings are to be avoided. The first plant of this type is scheduled to take up operation in late 2020.

Ageing Ovens

Special features:

Different oven concepts are used depending on the space required and transport logistics. In addition to simple floor-mounted ovens with longitudinal transport by roller conveyors, overhead ovens loaded either by way of scissor lifts or vertically suspended hydraulic cylinders are also used. Regardless of the transport concept, extrutec heaters are cross-ventilated by default. These ovens operate on the principle of double air flow. This means that the two rows of baskets placed next to each other are each flown through separately.

In addition to the ageing ovens, our portfolio also offers annealing ovens.

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