extrutec wins the Metef Innovation Award!

We are happy to announce, that extrutec won the Metef Innovation Award for our Eco Shower Unit (ESU) in the category Technology and Processes. The Metef 2022 Innovation Award is intended to valorize the innovative content proposed by companies in the different areas of interest at the 2022 edition of the exhibition, favoring in particular the aspects of energy savings, eco sustainability and safeguarding of resources.

The extrutec Eco Shower Unit converts the residual energy contained in the exhaust gas into hot water and then applies it to the logs located in the feed roller table of the furnace. The latest version of the ESU features a heat exchanger developed by extrutec. With the patented Eco Shower Unit, gas consumption can be reduced by up to 17%.

You can find more information about the Eco Shower Unit here.

We are happy that our effort to contribute to a more sustainable future is recognized. The award belongs to the whole extrutec team.