extrutec delivers inline furnace to Gutmann AG at the end of 2021

Gutmann AG, based in Weißenburg, Germany, has ordered an inline furnace with hot saw from extrutec for its existing 8" press line. This is the first inline furnace within the Gutmann Group, after several gas-fired billet heating systems have already been operated within the group.

In the course of the replacement investment, the existing long-stroke press will also be replaced by a modern 8" front-loading press.

The energy efficiency of the entire plant is a particular focus of this project. Therefore, the Eco Heating Process (EHPTM) developed by extrutec will be used. The EHP describes the use of different extrutec technologies in one line, consisting of the Eco Shower Unit with connected inline oven.

Thanks to the consistent use of the energy sources employed and the implementation of the technologies in a continuous process, it is possible to achieve a particularly high degree of efficiency (up to 75%) and thus a production process that is as low in CO2 emissions as possible. Another advantage of the EHPTM is the space-saving arrangement of the plant components, which is a decisive advantage especially for replacement investments.

Commissioning of the entire plant is planned for the turn of the year 2021/2022.


The Eco Heating Process (EHPTM) in detail:

In the first process step, the aluminum bars are preheated to temperatures of up to 90°C by laminar wetting of the entire bar surface with hot water. The Eco Shower Unit (ESU) uses the residual heat from the exhaust gases of the gas furnace and generates the required hot water in an air-water heat exchanger developed in-house. In constellations with pure gas-fired convective heating, it is also possible to use the heat generated for the ESU. (For more information about the ESU click here.)


After preheating by the ESU, the aluminum bars then enter the high convection preheating zone of the gas furnace. Here, they are further exposed to exhaust gases from the furnace's firing zones and heated up to 200°C. In the further process, the bars are then heated in the gas furnace to e.g. 400°C. In the induction module, which is directly connected in line, the required taper is supplied up to a head temperature (e.g. 480°C) for the optimum pressing process. (For more information about the inline oven click here.)