Taper Quench

The extrutec taper quench will give sophisticated extrusion plants two key benefits.  Using a billet with a temperature taper will allow for an isothermal extrusion process.  At the same time, creating the temperature taper by quenching the billet, creates a unique microstructure.

extrutec Taper Quench

Special Features:
  • the billet to be tapered is heated to the required temperature by the gas- /induction furnace
  • an integrated temperature measuring device measures the actual billet temperature
  • the quench consists of a stainless-steel housing with 5 quench zones
  • each zone consists of 3 ring-segments, equipped with nozzles providing a full cone spray pattern
  • each zone is supplied with water via an individual proportional valve and is equipped with a flow meter and temperature probe
  • a fan feeds the water vapor to a condenser and the Condensate is fed back into the tank
  • once the desired temperature gradient is achieved, the billet is transferred to the press
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