Ceremonial reopening of the 8-inch extrusion line at Hydro’s Rackwitz plant

The modernized 8-inch extrusion line at Hydro`s Rackwitz plant has been put back into operation with an official opening ceremony. extrutec was selected for the modernization of a used gas furnace as well as the delivery of a new hot saw and the delivery of an Eco Shower Unit (ESU) as well as a vertical log storage system. In addition to the optimized production, the 8-inch system will not only increase the overall capacity at the site, furthermore it will result in a significant improvement in the CO2 footprint. The main reason for this is the ESU patented by extrutec. It ensures gas savings of 15-17%, depending on production operation. The reusage of the gas furnace is part of Hydro's sustainability strategy to work as resource-efficiently as possible. The switch from the hot shear previously used at the site to the extrutec hot saw also enables scrap to be significantly avoided. This leads directly to an improved CO2 balance and a significant reduction in costs. This joint project with Hydro was also completed successfully and on schedule thanks to the excellent cooperation.