Project completion: Nielsen Design has selected Eco Heating Process from extrutec

Picture frame and home decor specialist Nielsen Design GmbH from Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany, has made a strategic decision in favor of a highly efficient system configuration from extrutec and Danieli for the complete replacement of its press line. The extrutec scope, includes a new vertical log storage, inline oven with Eco Shower Unit (ESU) and a new hot log saw. The combination of ESU (log preheating), gas, as well as induction furnace with inline design is marketed by extrutec under the trademark Eco Heating Process (EHPTM) and stands for the highest possible energy efficiency in gas based heating processes. The Eco Shower Unit alone reduces the gas consumption of the system by 18%. Another highlight of the equipment is the direct converter principle of the induction furnace. The complete compensation unit can thus be eliminated.