Louis Fortmann takes over the representation of extrutec for Australia, New Zealand and Oceania again

After a break of several years, Louis Fortmann is once again active for extrutec. With his company Fortmann Engineering and Consulting Pty Ltd, Louis will become extrutec's representative for the Australian, New Zealand and Oceania markets. He will play a key role between the customers and extrutec as the local contact for all matters. Extrutec is delighted to have Louis back on board. The increased focus on green technologies also offers great opportunities for Down Under to take a step towards CO2-free extrusion production with extrutec technologies. The combination of resistance-heated base heating and the hybrid inductive taper unit is particularly relevant in this regard. The so-called inline EHKO heater is a distinctive feature of extrutec and can also be integrated into existing extrusion lines as a retrofit.