Highest Energy Efficiency at Gutmann AG

Gutmann AG made a conscious decision to use the Eco Heating Process (EHPTM) for their billet heating system from extrutec. The system concept, marketed by extrutec under the name Eco Heating Process, consists of a combination of various extrutec developments. Starting with the Eco Shower Unit. This unit converts the residual energy contained in the exhaust gas into hot water and then applies it to the bars located in the feed roller table of the furnace. The latest version of the ESU features a heat exchanger developed by extrutec.  With the patented Eco Shower Unit, gas consumption can be reduced by up to 17%.

The gas furnace, equipped with two longer preheating zones, guarantees a higher heat input into the billet. The energy-optimized induction furnace, which is placed directly behind the gas furnace (patented inline concept), then applies a temperature taper to the billet. This allows the press speed to be increased with better reproducibility.

In the further process sequence, the Gutmann system is equipped with a hot saw, also supplied by extrutec, as well as a three-axis billet manipulator. Due to the system constellation, the manipulator has to rotate the billet by 180 degrees and simultaneously measure the temperature distribution by using integrated thermocouples.

Due to the high energy efficiency of the heating concept, Gutmann AG qualified for state funding for parts of the investment.