HAI wins the „Circular Economy Award” 2021 with contribution of extrutec

Congratulations to our long-term customer, Hammerer Aluminium Industries.  HAI has been granted the special award “Circular Economy“ by the renowned Lean & Green Management Award 2021.  This award is presented to companies with a proven track record of exceptional achievements in the field of recycling and energy efficiency improvements.  HAI receives this special award thanks to their constant reduction of CO2 emissions through sustainable operation along their entire value chain.

Extrutec contributed to this emissions reduction by providing our highly efficient heating solutions.  Especially the worldwide patented Eco Shower Unit (ESU), is responsible for a big portion of the reduction in CO2 emissions.  Using water, heated by the exhaust gas, which then is used to preheat the aluminium billets, saves a significant amount of energy.

The HAI award and the extrutec’s contribution is featured in the International Aluminium Journal Special “Sustainability, Resource and Efficiency”. The whole article can be found here or in our news section.