The year 2020 started with a joyful event for extrutec, the groundbreaking ceremony for the new office and administration building in the community of Moos on Lake Constance near Radolfzell. The new building, which was planned well in advance, will allow extrutec GmbH to continue its expansion and at the same time ensure the increased needs of an innovative working environment. As with extrutec GmbH's own products, particular attention was paid to the energy efficiency of the building.

At the end of the 1st quarter of 2020, however, the Corona pandemic became a major challenge for all people on this earth. This also marked the beginning of a very uncertain phase for extrutec, its customers and partners. But also this difficult situation could be mastered with united forces without noticeable restrictions. Due to extrutec's forward-looking mentality, there was no question of standing still, so the capacities freed up were used for the further development of products and the complete reorganization of extrutec's external image. In the course of the year, not only the new corporate design of extrutec GmbH could be presented, but also numerous orders could be booked in all product areas (e.g. Cansan and Asen Metal from Turkey) despite the continuing pandemic.