The company's internationalization continues in the business year of 2011 (Incoming orders from three continents outside of Europe).

Incoming orders total in excess of almost EUR 9 million for the first time in the company’s history in 2017. the number of employees increased in this business year as well.

Incoming orders during the full year will reach a record level of almost EUR 9 million and the number of employees also increased in this business year. For the first time, sales exceeded the 5 million mark in 2011.

Orders from China, Australia and the Netherlands

  • First order from China is placed by Bejing Erbslöh China (Joint Venture with existing customer Erbslöh Aluminium from Velbert)
  • Capral (largest and most important manufacturers of AL extrusion profiles in Australia) orders a gas heater system with hot shear from extrutec
  • A order for gas heater system with triple gas taper, hot shears and vertical magazine for rods was placed from South America (Hydro Aluminium Acro near Sao Paulo, Brasilia)
  • Nedal Aluminium from the Netherlands placed an order for another in-line heater with hot saw. With a rod and log diameter of 14" (357 mm), this is the largest active in-line heater system to date.