The Best from a Single Source:
The In-Line Heater becomes a Strict extrutec Product

The in-line heater is a hybrid heating system comprising a gas heater with a connected induction heater. This hybrid heating for different aluminium alloys and metals has some decisive advantages. It increases production capacity while improving energy efficiency at the same time. The in-line heater (essentially developed by Stefan Beer and Uwe Günter) has established itself as a high-end solution throughout the industry in the last few years. The extrutec in-line heater meets increased demands on upcoming production in a future-oriented manner.

The world patent, registered in 2011, was previously marketed with a partner for the inductive part. In future, both heating techniques will come from extrutec. This will make it much easier, and as a result more customer-friendly, to process projects.

Of course, a combination of gas and induction heaters in the “stand alone” version can be supplied based on customer requirements in future as well to match the customer requirements or philosophy.